Greek Cases

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An Upper and Lower case shown by Savage, A Dictionary of the Art of Printing (1841), as being the old style of case in use by Spottiswoode. The new style of case has the same box construction in the Upper but holds less accented letters, and has slightly fewer subdivided boxes in the Lower with the omission of some variant letters. The empty Upper case is Stower's of 1808 and still shown by eg ATF in 1923 and Caslon in 1925. The empty Lower is Savage's Old. See also the empty Savage's New Greek Lower case

Spanish Greek Case

A Single Spanish case for Greek letters, as illustrated in Fábregues y Saavedra: Manual del Cajista de Imprenta (1933). Sicluna shows a very similar lay in Teoría y Práctica de la Tipografía (1945), except that reference signs are in place of the accented letters in the group of six boxes bottom right. The empty configuration is shown as Spanish Greek Single.

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