Empty Border Case


This configuration matches the Hamilton case in American Type Founders American Line Type Book - Borders, Ornaments - Price List Printing Material and Machinery 1906 and in Barnhardt Bros & Spindler Book of Type Specimens No.9 (1907) and Hamilton Manufacturing Company Modern Cabinets, Furniture and Materials for Printers, Catalog 14 (c.1907) and their Model 2790 case in Modern Printing Office Furniture, Catalog 15 (1922) and Printing Plant Equipment, Catalog 16 (c.1932). Hamilton state that it is a roomy case of large capacity for border characters. However, the smallness of some of the boxes does mean that not very many pieces of a particular border can be stored in the one box, so roomy must apply more to the number of borders it can accommodate. It is listed as being available full-size, three quarter and two third.

The case is the same as the Chicago Border and Ornament Case of Barnhardt Brothers & Spindler: Pony Specimen (1890s), except that that version has one less middle row of boxes.

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