Momoro's Upper Case (Casseau Superieur)

  A    B    C    D    E    F    G   ABCDEFG
âêîôûYZ JUÈ §YZ
áéíóúÉ||l   ffl     É     Ç   OE   Æ   W   !   
àèìòùÈ|l flÊÇOEÆW?
*Êj JU|t|| ffëïü( )[ ]k

This French layout is the casse superieur shown in Momoro: Traité élémentaire de l'imprimerie ou le manuel de l'imprimeur (1793) and also in Audin: Histoire de l'imprimerie par l'image (1929), although the illustration in Audin has obliterated the |t. Diderot's Encylopedia (1751-80) shows a somewhat similar lay to Momoro, apart from having k not ct in the lower case and including " and ¶ and moving some box contents. Momoro's equivalent bas de casse is almost the same as Diderot Lower, apart from Diderot including º ' - ae oe and k and Momoro incluing ; and ct.

The boxes with A,B, etc are small caps, and those with | are the long s ligature. The ¦ box is a single dagger. Note the location of W, and that ç is in the Lower case. Perhaps by mistake, é is shown in both the upper and lower case, and lower case w is omitted from both. Possibly it replaces (or shares) the small cap w.

The empty configuration is that of Moxon (1683), Diderot (1751), Mackellar (1885), Southward (1887), Stephenson Blake & Co (1922), etc.

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