ISPA/BPS Double Case

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This English layout is given by Lindley: Appendix 1: Case Lays in Lindley & Maggs: Basic Printing - Letterpress for the Beginner (revised ed. 1980, reprinted 1983) as the ISPA (now the British Printing Society) Improved Double lay, derived from Southward by Brace, and later amended by Hollins.

The lay is an adaptation of Lindley's English lay, eg losing $, moving hair / _ and rearranging the ligatures. It also goes back to the older case construction of 7 rows in the upper bay. Note that it still omits AE and OE, has v where Southward, and London put mids, and transposes w and g, etc.

The case construction matches the 1882 Southward Ordinary Double Case, with seven equal sized rows in the upper case bay.

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