English California Job Case

ffl[ ]aeoek j   e  thin£123456'?!;( )&---
ffibcdis fg78 
fflmnhoyp,w enmid
zvu tthickar q:em

This layout is given in the U.K. by Whetton: Practical Printing & Binding (1946 and also 3rd edition 1965). There is an almost similar lay shown by Western Australia Ed Dept c.1960, although the ligatures are in different positions, and a box is provided for hair spacing. Another version is shown by Atkins 1932 which is more like the usual U.S. lays. Note that the boxes for ffi and 7 and 8 should be the same size as those for ffl and 9 and 0.

A somewhat different lay was in use at Camberwell College of Arts until at least 2003, with the figures spread all along the top row. Lays in the U.S., in contrast, do not have thins above the i box, see California Job (1926), or the more current California Job (1997) version. U.S. lays also have ffl where J is, and q where x is, for example.

The box with --- is for em dash. The empty case configuration is the standard California Job.

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