California Job Case

ffifl5m4m'ke 12345678 $@%AEOEaeoe
xvu    t    3 em
    a        r    ;:quads
q XYZJU&ffl

This U.S. lay is shown in Hamilton Manufacturing Co: Hamilton Printing Plant Equipment, Type Storage Section, Catalog 16 (n.d. but c.1932), for case no. 2735. The lay is also shown by Kelsey, Printers Supply Book 1969. Variant lays are shown by Hamilton 1897, ATF 1900, De Vinne 1904, Henry 1917, Hamilton 1922, ATF 1923, Polk 1926, Atkins 1930, Polk & Gage 1953, Hostettler 1963, Lieberman 1963, Polk 1964, Gaskell 1969, etc. although the differences are nearly all just in the top right row.

The empty configuration is shown as California Job. Note that the : and ; boxes are smaller than the x and q boxes, and that the right hand (cap) bay has the three central rows larger than the top and bottom rows. The earlier style has one short row, and four tall rows, eg Palmer & Rey (1884), BBS (1890s), ATF (1906), etc. And another variant of the three central cap rows larger than the top and bottom rows has : and ; the same size as the x and q boxes, shown by eg Lieberman 1963, American Printing Equipment & Supply Co 1983, etc.

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