Empty Yankee Job Case


This U.S. case matches that illustrated in Cleveland Type Foundry, Catalogue and Price List of Type and Material, 1893 and Catalogue and Book of Specimens of Type Faces and Printing Material and Machinery, 1895. It is not the same as the Yankee Job shown by Barnhart Bros & Spindler, Pony Specimen, 1890s and American Type Founders (Central Type Foundry), Blue Book, 1895, and Bruce Type Foundry, Handy Book of Printing Types , c.1899, etc. and the model 2750 of Hamilton Manufacturing Co, Modern Printing Office Furniture, 1922 and Printing Plant Equipment, Type Storage Section, Catalog 16, c.1932 and Thompson Cabinet Co, Equipment for Printing Plants, Catalog 47 c.1949 as that version does not have the right hand (upper case) section. The Cleveland case appears to have only six rows in the right hand section, but the illustration in their Price List is ambiguous, as it hints at a seventh row at the bottom. As this appears to extend all across the case, which would not make sense of the left and centre (lower case) sections, it is presumed not to be an actual row. If it really has seven rows, and a normal left and centre section, then the case is the same as the New York Job of ATF et al.

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