Dorset House Double Case

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This English layout is that in use by Dorset House School of Occupational Therapy, Oxford, in 1976, and until 1996. It is somewhat similar to the Stephenson Blake Case, apart from punctuation, ligatures, and q k j etc. Note that the diagram is slightly distorted, eg boxes fl z x q should all be the same size.

Dorset House show two identical Double case lays, apart from one having one wide, rather than two narrow, box for thins and for mids. The former almost matches the normal Improved Double configuration of Caslon 1897, Southward 1904, Stephenson, Blake & Co 1922, Harrild 1970, etc., and the latter is the implied Improved English Double, although the divided mid box may be constructed with a piece of reglet or rule, rather than an original feature.

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