English Double Case

/ (  )  -  z  x e   v   ? !    ...flffl1234567

This layout is given by Lindley: Appendix 1: Case Lays in Lindley & Maggs: Basic Printing - Letterpress for the Beginner (1968, reprinted 1970, and also 1980 rev ed, reprinted 1983) as the standard English lay. However, it omits AE and OE, has v where Southward, and London put mids, transposes w and g, puts q where tradition from Moxon onwards puts x, puts k where tradition puts z, and duplicates . and ,

The case measures 32½ x 14¼ ins. Note that the diagram is not quite correct, as the j box should be the same size as the hair box. The basic box configuration is the Improved Double of Caslon 1897, Stephenson, Blake & Co 1922, Harrild 1970, Horsfall 1978, etc.

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