Excelsior Improved Case

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The typecase lay is shown, as on the Improved Plan, in Kelsey & Co: Printers Dictionary and Guide Book (1892). The layout does not quite correspond to their same (empty) cases shown in their cabinet on a different page, but there may have been some artistic license, or the other cases may be their unimproved ones. It is still shown in Kelsey: Do Your Own Printing (1930), but is no longer shown in Kelsey: Printers Supply Book (1969)

The layout is designed to allow capitals to be stored close to the companion lower case letter, which Kelsey claim saves time and is more convenient. Note that ffi is stored in the same box as fi, and ffl is stored in with fl.

The case is two-third size, being 16½x21½ ins. The top row of small boxes is for italics, or accents, signs, etc. The empty case is Excelsior Improved.

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