Einteilung des Frakturkästens

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This German lay is that illustrated in Bauer: Handbuch für Schriftsetzer (1917, and still in 1920), and said to be similar to Gessners: Handbuch (1743) and Taubels: Worterbuch (1805). The types are Fraktur, and not Roman as shown here. The box with -- is em dash and the ¦ is a dagger. The | is a long s and s represents etc. Spacing (Ausschluß) is em=Gevierte, en=Halbgevierte, then 3pt, 2pt, 1½pt and 1pt. There are two boxes holding extra (borrat) n and e.

Like Lockwood (1894), but unlike Legros & Grant (1916), the boxes to the left of || and |i are divided, but like Legros, they are empty. Again, both Bauer and Lockwood show Ä, etc., but Legros shows é, etc., and Bauer and Lockwood divide the X Y and c ll boxes. However, Lockwood divides the w box, unlike Bauer and Legros, who both divide the box below w, unlike Lockwood, and both have z where Lockwood has x. Bauer has moved j up a row, compared to Lockwood and Legros.

The empty case is Fraktur. There is also a slightly different Gebrochene Schriften lay and empty case.

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