Empty German Antiqua Case


This German typecase configuration matches the DIN 16502 case shown by Kollecher & Matuschke: Der Moderne Druck, 1956, Genzmer: Buch des Setzers, 1961, Drucken & Lernen: Liste, 1991 and Katalog, 2007. It is also illustrated in a modern Gutenberg Museum poster, and by HandsatzAtelier Heinz Becker in 2000, and was in use by Papierwerkstatt John Gerard in 1997 and Druckladen des Gutenberg-Museums in 1997 to date. It was also in use in Austria, at Grafische Werkstatt im Traklhaus in Salzburg in 2015 (some of their cases have the two bottom left boxes divided again diagonally with reglet). There is a variation of the case, in the centre section, where the box for i is the same size as the box for 1pt spacing, rather than being larger, as here.

The large case is 96 x 61 cms, and the smaller version is 66 x 61 cms. A suitable lay is German Antiqua.

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