Empty Hansard Greek Lower Case


This typecase construction matches the Greek Lower of Hansard: Typographia (1825). It has 43 boxes. It is the same as Stower's Greek Lower of 1808, except that Hansard does not divide the two boxes above the gamma and delta boxes. The later U.S. Greek Lower of MacKellar: The American Printer (5th ed 1870 and still in 17th ed 1889), and American Type Founders: Specimen (1923) still divides these boxes, but does not have the box for thins above the epsilon box. Johnson in 1824 also shows these divided boxes, but has several additional subdivisions of boxes, as does Savage in 1841, although with only the one extra division of the tau box. Southward in 1882 keeps the divided boxes above gamma and delta, and the box above epsilon, does not incorporate any of Johnson's extra divisions but does further divide a rho box. By the time of Caslon in 1925, that rho division has gone again, but in addition the theta box division has gone.

Hansard's equivalent Upper Case is the Greek Upper of Stower (1808), and Savage (1841), MacKellar (1870), Southward (1882), ATF Porson Greek (1923), Caslon (1925), etc.

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