Empty Italic Case


This style of U.S. job case has the top three, and bottom, row of caps boxes on the right hand side all the same size and smaller than the middle three rows. It also has the : and ; boxes smaller than the equivalent x q and . - boxes. It is shown by American Type Founders: Specimen Book (1923) and is the Model 2740 shown by Hamilton Manufacturing Co: Modern Printing Office Furniture Catalog 15 (1922) and Printing Plant Equipment, Type Storage Section, Catalog 16 (c1932). It is also shown by Thompson Cabinet Co: Equipment for Printing Plants, Catalog 47 (c1949), Missouri-Central Type Foundry: Price List (1959) and American Printing Equipment & Supply Co (1983 and 1987). A suitable lay is Italic Job.

There might be an alternative configuration that has the : and ; boxes the same size as the other small boxes in that row. There is also an earlier configuration has a right hand bay with seven rows the same size, as shown by eg Harpel (1870).

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