Empty Smith Lower Case


This English typecase configuration matches that shown by Smith, The Printer's Grammar (1755), reprinted Gregg (1965), and by Luckombe: The History and Art of Printing (1771), and Stower: Printer's Grammar (1808). It is shown, for the Old Lay, by Johnson: Typographia (1824), and by Hansard: Typographia (1825) and still shown by The Sind National Type Foundry: Book of Typefaces in 1999. Later cases remove the division between the s and long s boxes, to make one large box, as the long s became discarded. The case is almost the same as the earlier one shown by Moxon (1683), except that Moxon has four small boxes above the quad box, whereas Smith shows two larger ones (for en and em quads).

The typecase has 54 boxes, and a suitable lay is Smith Lower No.1. The matching upper case configuration is Moxon and lay is Smith No.1.

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