Middelbaar Canon Boven

àá èìíòóùú¿      A    B    C    D    E    F    G  
â  ëîïôöûü    HIKLMNO
PQRSTV*f| | fl||fãã iõu?!
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This Belgian lay is for the Middelbaar Canon upper case VV 2,6,R15-B (undated, but probably pre 1876, and whose wood looks older than many of the other cases) on view in the Plantin-Moretus Museum. The companion Lower case is Onder.

The | represents a long s. V- represents Versicle and ¿ is an unclear character but possibly q with an acute accent, or might be j which otherwise is missing from the case. Some accents are missing, eg é which clearly could go in the empty box next to è. The dipthong Æ occupies two boxes (and is not A E as shown), and there is no OE. The i and u either side of õ should have tilde. Note that there is no W or W, nor is there a w in the Lower case. The small cap Z is missing, but possibly this is just a shortage of type, as there is an empty box next to Y, and also there is a Z box. Also, | and f and g appear in both the Upper and Lower case, which may just be gratuitous use of empty boxes in the Upper case.

The case is 33½ x 14 inches, and the empty case is Boven. Its construction is the same as Klein Romein, apart from the undivided box in the centre bottom row of the left bay. Note that there are only 6 rows of boxes, unlike U.K. and U.S. upper cases, which have 7 rows (as do two other upper cases in the Museum, eg Laagen Ascendonica and Klein Canon Romein).

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