MacKellar New Lower Case

ffiflfffijke 12345678
'bcd isf g?9
xlmn hoyp,wvem
   u       t    5 men
3 em
    a        r     ;:quads
4 m.-

This U.S. lay is that proposed by MacKellar: The American Printer (2nd ed 1866, 5th ed 1870 and still in 17th ed 1889). The case configuration is very similar to that proposed by Johnson: Typographia (1824), except for MacKellar's larger e box, and his divided x q boxes. However, the lay itself is different, eg the numerals and ligatures are in different positions. Note the position of , w which follows the English pattern eg Luckombe (1771), Stower No.3 (1804), Johnson New (1824), Savage New (1841), Bookwork (1882), etc right up to Tarr (1945), as opposed to the American pattern of w , as in BBS (1890s) and ATF (1906), etc. up to Missouri-Central (1959).

The empty typecase configuration is shown as MacKellar New.

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