Melbourne Job Case

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ffilmnhoyp,wenthinXYZ  UJ
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This lay is shown on a card that came from the Melbourne Museum of Printing in 2019, and is now (2020) at the Printing Museum, Wellington, New Zealand. The lay must date from before 1966, as it features £ not $, and Australia converted to $ in 1966. The case does not follow the U.S. Italic (Job) Case version of Hamilton Manufacturing Co, Catalog (1897) and still in Missouri-Central Type Foundry, Price List (1959), for example, as the capitals all start at the top of the case, and the figures are below the capitals.

The empty case configuration is Italic Job as shown by Harpel, Typograph or Book of Specimens in 1870, and still by the American Printing Equipment & Supply Co in 1983. The Italic case with its seven rows of cap boxes was superceded by the California Job case in the 1880s, which has only five rows, with a later variation as California Job.

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