Dutch Onderkast

hlkbk   d  e wij f g hj:
&cs1½p 1p
qlmno p 3pfffl fflspaties
y v     u        t    pasjes    a        r    ,.kwad

This Dutch lay is that given in Ronner: Van leerling tot zetter (1915) as illustrated in Post van der Molen & Rijkse: Wat baard den Druck, Niet al Geluk! (1994). The equivalent upper case is Bovenkast.

The hlk box is helbak, ie the hell box for sorts. The spacing is Didot not Anglo-American, and is 1p 1½p; and 3p (ie mid), with 4p (thick) in the pasjes box and 6p (ie ens) in the spaties box and ems in the vierkant box. In some lays, eg at the Avalon Pers, the 3p spacing is swapped with ij and ç replaces & and & replaces the helbak.

The case is 325/8 x 13 inches. The empty case is Onderkast.

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