Oxford University Press Upper Case

  A    B    C    D    E    F    G   ABCDEFG
1234567 1234567
890aeoe j 89     
      k                                [ ]  ( ) 

This English lay is as in use by OUP in 1934, as supplied by Peter Foden from the OUP archive. A copy is also in St Bride Library, stating that the lay is that used originally just by the Learned Side, but throughout the whole Press from 1901. Davis & Carter (in Moxon: Mechanick Exercises) note that the OUP lay continues the old French tradition, although this does not really apply in all the Upper case, for example Lefevre's Upper, as the French put W with the ligatures at the end of the alphabet, and also kept fl, etc., in the Upper case. However, j was kept in the Upper, as here.

Note that the boxes with A,B, etc are small caps, and those with 1,2 etc are superior figures.

The lower case lay is OUP Lower. The empty Upper configuration is that of Moxon, and Mackellar (1885), Southward (1887), Barnhart Bros & Spindler's News (1890s), Stephenson Blake & Co (1922), Caslon (1925) etc.

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