Plantinian Upper Case

ABCDEFGHIJKLMN   ä    ë    ï    ö    ü          
ABCDEFGàêì òù  
HIKLMNOáéí óú !
PQRSTVW       ?
XYZ UJ         

This Belgian lay is the (undated) Plantinian old pattern divided case lay shown by Gaskell and based on a drawing by Wortman, in Gaskell: The Lay of the Case, in Bowers: Studies in Bibliography vol 22 (1969). Unfortunately, Gaskell and Wortman do not show the ligatures and signs. There is a rather similar case in the Plantin-Moretus Museum but with the small caps on the right and the accents on the left (and more divided boxes bottom left).

The A B etc. are small caps. The companion Lower case is
Plantin Lower. The empty case configuration is Plantin Upper. Note that there are only 6 rows of boxes, unlike U.K. and U.S. Upper cases, which have 7 rows.

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