Italian Upper Case

&ÀÌÒ om*
RSTUVXYZ âêîôûçaeoe
IJLMNOPQ   ä    ë    ï    ö    ü   k =--
 A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  !?[ ]VrRs¦»( )

This Italian lay is that of Pozzoli: Nuovo Manuale di Tipografia (1882) in Gaskell: The Lay of the Case, in Bowers: Studies in Bibliography Vol. 22 (1969).

Note that the boxes with a, etc are superscript characters. The ¦ box represents a single dagger. The Vr is Versicle and Rs is Response. The grave accents and the numerals are in the Lower Case.

The empty case configuration is Pozzoli.

Other empty cases
ie with the boxes left blank
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ie with characters assigned to boxes
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