Savage New Lower Case

&[ ]aeoe'je thin( )?!; fl
 bcd isf g  ff
ffilmnh oyp,wenem
zvu    t    space    a    r q:quads

This English lay is that of Savage: Dictionary of the Art of Printing (1841, reprinted Thoemmes 1998), as being the present (ie 1841) arrangement of the types. The long s has been discarded, so the f box is enlarged, and the long s ligature boxes become empty. Johnson: Typographia (1824) has a very similar New Lower lay, but with mids in place of thins, and thins and hairs in some of the empty boxes. Tomlinson: Cyclopaedia of Useful Arts (1853) is the same as Savage, but with the boxes next to fl ff fi containg a 3 piece brace. There is a very similar Bookwork Lower lay, given by Southward: Practical Printing (1882), with thins in the same box as Savage, but with -- & and hair as Johnson, and ... added between ; and fl. Note the position of q in all these lays, and that the letter k is still stored in the Upper case.

The companion upper is the Savage New lay and the empty case configuration is the English Lower.

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