Empty German Antiqua Case


This German typecase configuration matches the lay shown in Johann Paintner: Turmino. 1997-2007 Zehn Jahre Privatmuseum Goldschagg, 2006. It is almost the same as the cases of Kollecher & Matuschke: Der Moderne Druck, 1956, Genzmer: Buch des Setzers, 1961, Drucken & Lernen: Liste, 1991 and Katalog, 2007, but unlike those standard cases, this one has one more box, in the fourth row from the top. Note also that in the centre bay, second row up from bottom, the one divided box should have the lower box smaller than the one above, and not divided in equal half as shown here.

The lay of the case is Goldschagg's Antiqua.

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