Mackie Lower Case

aeoe[ ]( )ke thin ' ;?!jfl
&bcd isf gfflff
...lmnh oyp,wenem
zvu    t     thick     a    r q:quads

This English case lay is that of Mackie given by Southward: Practical Printing 1st ed (1882) and 2nd ed (1884), but omitted from the 3rd edition (1887). The figures have remained in the Upper but the ligatures are now in the Lower, as is k. The lay is fairly similar to Southward's Bookwork Lower, except that still keeps k in the Upper, and puts ffi and ffl on the far left, rather than on the right side of the case. Also, it has j where Mackie has k, and indeed all the top row boxes change positions, apart from thins, em dash and fl. Southward noted that the ; ! and : were cast with a thin space incorporated, to save labour.

The companion upper is the Mackie Upper lay and the empty case configuration is the normal English Lower.

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