Mackie News Upper Case

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  X    Y    Z    AE    OE    U    J    X    Y    Z   Æ  Œ   U    J  

This English layout is given by Southward: Practical Printing (1882) as that used by Mackie for news work. The lay keeps the figures in the Upper, but moves the lower case ligatures and hair spaces to the Lower. With no accents, there is more room for fractions and signs. The caps and small caps are moved to the bottom rows, i.e. nearer the compositor's hand, which thus had to travel less. Southward also shows a Provincial, a Times and a Spurrell lay, as well as the Old lay.

The boxes with A, etc are small caps.

The companion lower is Mackie Lower, and the empty case configuration is the normal Upper of Moxon (1683), and Smith, (1755), Luckombe (1771), Stower (1804), Johnson (1824), Miller & Richard (1873), Southward (1882), Mackellar (1885), Barnhart Bros & Spindler's News (1890s), Stephenson Blake & Co (1922), Caslon (1925) etc.

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