Empty Two Third Improved Job Case


This U.S. two-third size typecase configuration is that of Palmer & Rey: Type Specimen Book (1892), Barnhart Bros & Spindler: Pony Specimen (1890s) and American Type Founders: Specimen of Wood Type and Catalogue of Printers Wood Goods and Materials (1893) and Blue Book (1895). There are no small boxes in the bottom row, unlike the slightly later case shown by American Type Founders (1906) and Barnhart Bros & Spindler (1907). The case was designed to hold a complete fount of caps, small caps, and lower case, and according to ATF in 1893 was designed for Wisconsin cabinets, which were 4 inches deeper than normal cabinets.

The full-size case is Improved Job. The Two Third Improved is the same configuration as the Two Third California, except that has two rather than four rows of caps boxes, and has the additional small boxes in the bottom row.

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