Empty Treble or Triple Case


This typecase configuration matches the Triple Case of Harpel: Typograph or Book of Specimens (1870) and the Treble Case in Miller & Richard's Price List (1873) reprinted by Bloomfield (1974), and the Triple of MacKellar: The American Printer (15th ed 1885, reprinted Berliner 1977). It is referred to as a Treble by Southward (Practical Printing 1887), and it matches the Triple of Palmer & Rey: Type Specimen Book (1892), American Type Founders (Central): Blue Book (1895), Barnhart Bros & Spindler: Pony Specimen (1890s), and the Treble of Harrild: Illustrated Catalogue of Printing Lithographic & Binding Machinery & Materials (1889), Miller & Richard's Specimens of Book Newspaper Jobbing and Ornamental Types (1894) and Catalogue and Price List of Printing Material (1897), and Southward: Modern Printing (1st ed 1898 and still in 6th ed 1933), Ullmer: Revised Illustrated Price List of New Machinery and Materials (1902) and the Triple of American Type Founders: American Line Type Book (1906), Barnhardt Bros & Spindler: Book of Type Specimens No.9 (1907), Hamilton Manufacturing Company: Modern Cabinets, Furniture and Materials for Printers, Catalog 14 (c.1907), De Vinne: The Practice of Typography, Modern Methods of Book Composition (1904 and 1914) and the Treble of Stephenson Blake & Co.: Printing Material & Machinery (1922), Miller & Richard: Printing Machinery & Material (1910) and Specimens of Modern, Old Style and Ornamental Types (1912) and Printing Type Specimens (1927) and Caslon: Catalogue of Materials (1925). It is also the Heading Case of Gujarati Type Foundry: Type Book (c1928). The case was still in use at the Abbey Press, the Alembic Press, etc., in 2016. Southward in 1898 considered the case of doubtful value, because of the difficulty of getting the type out of the small boxes.

The case has three bays of 7 x 7 boxes. The boxes are all the same size, unlike the later Hamilton version, in which three of the rows have larger boxes than the others. A possible lay is the Hamilton Triple. The case is also used for Miller & Richard's Gem music type (Southward, Modern Printing, 1898).

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