Empty Two Third New York Job Case


This U.S. configuration is referred to in Long: Wood Type & Printing Collectibles (1980) in connection with old Hamilton Industries catalogs, and although not illustrated, is described as the full-size New York Job case without the caps bay. However, it may not actually exist under this name, and it is often called a two-third California, for example the Black Rock Press at University of Nevada, Reno has Thompson Cabinet Co. cases that are Two Third New York in configuration but have Cal Job stamped on their sides. This seems incorrect. A full-size New York has two rows of small boxes at the top of the case, with eight boxes in each (lower case) bay, and the two-third version has this same pattern. Note that in both the full-size and two-third version, these boxes are larger than the other small boxes in the case. The full-size California has no top rows of small boxes, nor does a full-size Yankee. Hamilton Manufacturing Co: Printing Plant Equipment, Type Storage Section, Catalog 16 (c1932) show a two third model 2855 Yankee and 2865 California, but no New York. Thompson Cabinet Co: Equipment for Printing Plants, Catalog 47 (c.1949) simlarly show 12855 and 12865, and no New York. Both show the Yankee with 7+7 boxes in the top two rows, and the California with 8+8 boxes, and with the California boxes bigger than the Yankee boxes (all being bigger than the other small boxes in the case). American Type Founders: Specimen (1923) shows a Two Third Yankee, alongside a Two Third California case, although each appears to have been given the other's caption. Kelsey: Printers Supply Book (1969) and American Printing Equipment & Supply Co (1987) continue to call this case a Two Third California, however Missouri-Central Type Foundry: Price List (1959) show a Two Third California with 7+7 boxes in the top rows.

The case lay is Two Third N.Y. The full-size Yankee Job case of BB&S has an identical configuration to the Two Third case. Their Two Third Italic case is almost identical, apart from having 4 small boxes in the lower left corner, rather than the 2 small and 1 larger, as here.

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