U.S. Upper Case

*§||fist  .. .2mlbPer@
1/21/43/41/32/31/83/8 5/87/82m3m<<<>>>
&ƌ朣$ 2m3mƌ&
  X    Y    Z    J    U    ]    )    X    Y    Z   J  U  fl  ffl 

This U.S. layout is shown in Barnhart Bros & Spindler Pony Specimen, c.1892, as the one generally in use. It is also shown by American Typefounders (Central Type Foundry) Blue Book, 1895. and is the News Cap case in Cleveland Type Foundry Catalogue and Price List of Type and Material, 1893. Unlike MacKellar's case of 1866 onwards, but like Lockwood's case of 1894, the caps are now on the right and small caps on the left, but unlike Lockwood, BB&S et al have fl in the upper case next fo ffl. They also have the fractions on the left, and apart from the top left row, the signs and Æ etc are in different positions, and c/o, a/c, ' and ° are omitted.

The << <> >> represent a 3 piece brace. The empty case configuration is that of Moxon, and Smith, (1755), Luckombe (1771), Stower (1804), Johnson (1824), Savage (1841), Mackellar (1870), Southward (1882), Barnhart Bros & Spindler's News (1890s), Stephenson Blake & Co (1922), Caslon (1925) etc. The companion News Lower case lay is the BB&S case of the 1890s.

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