Stower Lower Case No.3

&[ ]aeoe  '    j       e          thin    ( ) ?  !  ;  }  fl 
embcd isfg }ff
ffilmnh oyp,wenem
zvutspacear q:quad

This English lay is the No.3 shown by Stower: The Printer's Grammar (1808), reprinted Gregg (1965). It has discarded the long s, and enlarged the s box accordingly by combining it with the adjacent box. It also discards the long s ligatures. It thus differs from his No. 1 lay (which is the same as Luckombe's). It also differs by omitting ct, and adding thins, em rules and braces.

The { boxes are really top, middle and bottom of a 3 part brace.

The empty case configuration is as Smith Lower, apart from the one tall em box in the 2nd row from the top, rather than the more normal two short boxes. It thus has only 52 boxes in total, rather than the normal 53.

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