Smith Lower Case No.3

ctaeoeç ?   '       e           s     ( )f|iffiffl |l  fl 
&bcd i|fg |h||ff
!lmnh oypwvenem
zqutspacear ,:quad

This English lay is the No.3 lay shown by Smith: The Printer's Grammar (1755), reprinted Gregg 1965 (in their English Bibliographical Sources series), and by Legros & Grant: Typographical Printing-Surfaces (1916). It differs from Smith's No.1 lay in not having hair spaces, and having punctuation and ligatures in different positions, and having q v w in different positions. It similarly differs from Smith's No.2 lay in respect of punctuation and ligature positions and q v w positions. The Smith No.3 is the companion Upper lay.

The empty case configuration is Smith Lower.

Note that | represents the long s. Also, thicks, mids and thins are still in one box. Davis & Carter note that Johnson was the first to show the spacing split up, eg see Johnson New Lower case lay.

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