Smith Proposed Fount Lower Case

ct  ae    oe  '    s   ( )|lfl
bcde i |  f g |h|ifi
lmnh oypqw
vut|tk ar ,.;-

This English lay is given by Smith, The Printer's Grammar (1755), reprinted Gregg (1965). It is intended for larger quantities of type, and so has deeper boxes. However, Stower and Johnson comment on the difficulty of getting type out of the narrower boxes, because the depth made it difficult to reach to the bottom.

The ffl z [ ] ç ? ! ff || : are all stored in a separate basket, as they have no boxes in the case. Note that | represents the long s. Fount cases without the long s are shown by the time of Stower (1808).

The empty case configuration is Smith Fount.

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ie with the boxes left blank
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