The Pattern Poems of George Herbert

Throughout George Herbert's poetry there is a sense of joy in the possibilities of language and the patterns that a poet can create.

Wreath poemThis particular celebration of his work concentrates not only on the more famous shaped poems, but also on Herbert's use of structural and numerical patterns, as well as puns, word-links and anagrams.

Author and playwright Nick Page has edited the poems and written an introduction to his selection of twenty one of Herbert's poems. The selection gives a wonderful opportunity both for typographic play and for bringing out afresh the techniques used by this early seventeenth century English metaphysical poet.

Hand set in 14pt Grotesque and printed on Zerkall paper, with a non-adhesive binding with red decorative sewing in a heavy grey cover paper from the Schoolmeester wind papermill.   60pp.   12¾" x 8¾".   120 copies.   Price UK£50 (inc post & packing).   ISBN 0907482678 (Now out of print).   It was also available in sheets priced UK£38 (inc post & packing).

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