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This book tries to give a sense of Hyde Farm and all its eccentricities over its 700 years existence. It combines fragments of text and image. Two texts run conjointly, as a time line of fragments of historic evidence from various surviving documents that mention Hyde Farm from 1086 to the present day, and as the personal reflections of a modern inhabitant of the house. The illustrations are also fragments; line drawings of pottery and other finds discovered in the garden, some architectural drawings of some of the building's structure, and eight colour photographs. Each of these photos is quite unique, being one-of-a-kind Polaroid prints which have been transferred directly to the text paper, with the result that no two copies of the book are quite the same.
Line illustration Printed in Bembo on Somerset 230gsm cotton rag paper. Illustrated with 14 line drawings by Claire Bolton and 8 Polaroid transfers by Carey Johnson. Ingres paper covered boards, the front with a linocut of lettering from a 17th century tombstone. Sewn in Coptic binding, with some pages attached by vellum straps, and housed in a cloth-covered solander box, lined with hand made paste paper by Susanne Krause. Polaroid transfer
Limited edition of 14 copies. 32pp. 180 x 280 cm.

UK£275 (now out of print)

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