Border, Figure, etc. Cases

Miscellaneous full-size cases are listed below. For the most part, these cases are not designed to hold founts of letters, but to hold ornaments, borders, leads, rules, figures, etc. These cases are distinguished from other similar purpose cases by having no central partition. Each case links to a descriptive page that shows the actual box layout, and the source(s) of the information.

Empty CasesRowsBoxes in top rowTotal boxesComments
Figure Case (Palmer & Rey 1892) 3618 
Figure Case (BBS 1890s) 3721 
Chicago Border & Ornament Case (BBS 1890s) 1124240boxes smaller at top, larger at bottom
Improved Jobbing case (Ullmer 1902) 67
42Rows increase in size from top to bottom
Lead case (Ullmer 1902) 199Boxes go wide to narrow, left to right
Hamilton Job Case(ATF 1906)7749boxes smaller at the top, larger at the bottom
Two Rivers Cap Case (ATF 1906) 814101Two top rows of 14
then 3+7+4 per row
Large Letter Case (Hamilton 1932) 4516rows vary with loose inserts
Border Case (Caslon 1925) 6742 
Dutch Figure Case (Avalon Pers 1997) 3515 

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