Single Cases

Most single cases are squarer in shape than the rectangular Upper, Lower, Job and Double cases. As their name implies, the cases hold full founts, i.e. both upper and lower case characters together. The cases listed below are divided into four bays by one vertical and one horizontal partition. The dates shown are either when published or when viewed, and therefore are not necessarily the earliest appearance of the case. Each case listed can link to a more descriptive page, showing the case layout, and usually a further link to the layout of the type. Note that most of the layouts have been written using html tables, and over time, the way browsers interpret the tables has changed, thus sometimes distorting the diagram. Also, the dimensions of the case so shown are dynamic, and should not be regarded as absolute, and many cases will appear more rectangular than they should. In due course, layouts will be corrected, but unless the source of the information actually states the case dimensions, the diagram may still be conjectural.

The row count, viewed at the left hand end of the case, states e.g.
3+6 if 9 horizontal rows, 3 in the top section and 6 in the bottom section.
4+(6or8) 4+6 rows in most parts, but a few boxes subdivided horizontally, thus making up to 8 rows one side.

Empty CasesNo.of rowsNo.of boxes on the leftNo.of boxes on the rightTotal no. of boxes
German Latin Case (Savage 1841)5+67073143
La Casse Raçon (Audin 1929 for 1892)2+75358111
Russian Single Case (Lockwood 1894)4+65554109
Spanish Single Case (Lockwood 1894)4+76167128
French Single (Parisienne) Case (Dumont 1894)4+64961110
Casse de Jouglet (J.des Imprimeurs 1900, in Audin 1929)3+95571126
Russian Single Case (Legros & Grant 1916)4+65354107
Caja Normal (Enciclopedia Vniversal Illvstrada 1928)4+76167128
Caja Reformada (Enciclopedia Vniversal Illvstrada 1928)4+76067127
Caja de Griego (Enciclopedia Vniversal Illvstrada 1928)6+7125122247
Caja de Hebreo (Enciclopedia Vniversal Illvstrada 1928)5+78691177
Casse de la Commission (Audin 1929)2+95860118
Casse Générale de Comet (Audin 1929)3+64766113
Casse Générale de Gauthier (Audin 1929)4+65475129
Caja Española (Morato 1933)4+65865123
Spanish Greek Case (Fábregues y Saavedra 1933)6+7125122247
Swedish Normalkast (Sweden 1940s)4+66360123
Spanish Single Case (Sicluna 1945)4+65766123
Italian Single Case (Enciclopedia Italiana 1949)4+75866124
French Single Case (Hostettler 1949)4+64965114
Dutch Letterkast (Hostlettler 1949)4+64880128
'Gutenberg' Case (Ruppel 1960)7+67082152
Modello Francese (Gallavrini 1966)4+75866124
Modello Romano o Francese (Gallavrini 1966)4+75867125
Modello Siciliano (Gallavrini 1966)4+(6or8)6165126
Modello Veneto (Gallavrini 1966)4+65155106
Dutch Letterkast with Ligatures (Atelier IT Plein 1997)4+64971120
Swiss Parisienne Case (Ecomusèe Voltaire 2004)105065115
Swiss Single Case (Ecomusèe Voltaire 2004)3+74973122
Swiss Single Case (Ecomusèe Voltaire 2004)5+66882150

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This page was written in 2014 by David Bolton and last updated 16 January 2015