Portugese Old Single Case

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This Portugese typecase lay is the Caixa Antiga shown by da Silva, Manual do Tipógrafo, 2nd edition 1962. Note that the boxes for U and J are in alphabetic sequence but K and W are not. The spacing boxes have assumed to be for 1pt, 2pt and 3pt, en and em. The A B etc are small caps. The a o etc are superiors. The case has 169 boxes and is 90x85cm. This case is the old version, dating from before 1908, when da Silva's first edition was printed. A smaller version of the case is Veloso's Single Case of 1858, with only 129 boxes, omitting the small capitals and many accents, and that version was still in use in the 1970s.

The empty case configuration is Caixa antiga.

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