Monotype Greek Unit Arrangements

The table below shows the unit value (i.e. width) of each letter in various Greek typefaces issued by Monotype. It comes from a booklet that was held by the Type Archive in London, and at present is just a merged image of two pages, but will get written as a spreadsheet in due course.

The top line gives the UA (unit arrangement) serial number, and the second line the typeface series number. Then in each row, the columns give the upper case (caps) units, then the lower case units, of the named letter. Punctuation and figures are not shown. For composition, each row in the diecase that holds the matrices corresponds to a given unit value that is matched by the stopbar case and the wedge. For display, the physical width of a given letter can be calculated from the set and point size of the typeface. The typeface set widths are not shown here, but knowing that Monotype's base unit is 0.166÷18, i.e. 0.0007685″ then for example, Greek Upright series 90 in 10pt is 9¾ set which makes one unit of it to be 0.0007685″×9¾ i.e. 0.00749″. As series 90's UA is 26, the table gives the letter A as 13 units, so its width is 13×0.00749″, i.e. 0.0974″.

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This page was written by David Bolton in 2024 and last updated 21 March 2024.