Monotype Parts Numbers

This page will list all the numbered parts given in Monotype's Symbol Conversion Lists for the Composition caster, Super caster, and Keyboard. It shows the part numbers in numerical order (but without their alphabetic group number). Against each numeric part number is shown the corresponding alphanumeric (symbol) part number, which is the form of numbering used in most of the Monotype Manuals and Parts Lists, etc. Listing the parts in numeric, rather than symbol, code allows easy identification of parts when only the numeric code is known (eg because that is what has been punched on the actual part body). Unfortunately, the official Symbol Conversion List is in symbol (alphanumeric) part number order, which makes it very cumbersome to use for this particular purpose. Listing the parts in numeric order also makes it easy to see which parts are duplicated across many sections of the machines. Although parts used in different sections will have been given a different alphanumeric code, dependant upon the section of the machine, they all use the same numeric code, which was the number used in Monotype's own machine shops.

The table that lists all the part numbers is approximately 600Kbyte, and is held in a separate file, in case you don't really want to see it all! The data is shown in the form:

part no.
part no.

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Last updated on 18 June 02 by David Bolton