Monotype Mould Instructions

The Monotype Corporation issued a small instruction leaflet when providing their moulds. Often these get discarded, so here are two of the leaflets. Note that these relate to moulds made by the Monotype Corporation in the UK, and not Lanston Monotype in the USA, although general principles will probably be the same. Also below is a four page extract from Monotype Bulletin 83 (March 1971) describing the high speed mould. The High Speed leaflet has been scanned from an original kindly held by the Printing Museum in New Zealand and converted to a pdf by the Paekakariki Press. The Composition leaflet is a scan of a leaflet held by the Alembic Press, as is the Bulletin extract. If readers would find it easier to read the leaflets direct, the individual files can be sent by e-mail, on request.

Composition Moulds

High Speed Moulds

Bulletin pages 2 and 3
Bulletin pages 4 and 5

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