Nederduitsche Bovenkas No.2

ABCDEFG áéÉíóú¦*öü
HIKLMNO àèÈìòù§]!
hel---çUJ|tij  ff |l   fl  ffl(;-

This Dutch typelay is the No.2 Bovenkas of the Nederduitsche Letterkassenat of Zweijgardt: De Boekdrukkerij (1822) edited by Janssen & Bouman, Enschede/Grafisch Studie-Centrum (1986). The companion lower lay is Onderkas No.2. There is also a Bovenkas No.1 with more ligatures. Note that | is the long s and ¦ is a dagger and --- are em dashes. Hel is the hell box for miscellaneous sorts.

The empty case is Bovenkas No.2. Note than unlike the UK/US Upper case, this case has only six rows of boxes. The construction is almost as Ronner, apart from the extra divided boxes in the middle right rows.

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