Johnson Proposed Lower Case

12345678 90'j?!;fl
xbcde isg fffiff
vlmn hoy,pwen
    u        t    hairmidthick
    a        r     k:quads

The typecase lay is that proposed by Johnson: Typographia (1824). The companion Upper is the Johnson Proposed Upper lay.

The configuration is almost the same as in MacKellar: The American Printer (15th ed 1885), except that in the top row, MacKellar has boxes 7 and 8 as part of the e box, and in the second row from bottom, MacKellar divides the v box horizontally into two. However, the actual layouts are different, eg punctuation, numerals, ligatures.

The arrangement of mid, thin and hair spaces is that of Hazard in 1808, apart from hair and thin swapping places. The large box for u is the same as Hazard, but Hazard has en and em in the bottom row, and the : . - boxes above the quad box (and k and ; are elsewhere).

The configuration of an empty case is shown as Johnson New.

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ie with the boxes left blank
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