Empty Middelbaar Canon Onder


This Belgian typecase configuration matches the Middlebaar Canon lower case (VV 2,6,R 15-O) (undated, but probably pre 1876, and whose wood looks older than many of the other cases) on view in the Plantin-Moretus Museum in 1998. The companion Upper case is Middlebaar Canon Boven.

Note that there are effectively 3 rows of boxes, unlike English and U.S. Lower cases, which have 3½ rows. The case has 53 boxes and measures 33½ x 14 inches. The actual type lay is Onder.

There are several other styles of Onder Kasse on view in the Plantin Museum, eg Laagen Tekst, Klein Canon, Laagen Ascendonica, Kapitalen, Klein Romein.

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