Empty Two Third California Job Case


This U.S. case configuration is shown by Missouri-Central Type Foundry: Price List (1959). Whilst it is the same as the Two Third Yankee of Hamilton Manufacturing Co: Modern Printing Office Furniture (1922), etc., confusion arises over the number of small boxes in the top two rows. A full-size Yankee has eight, which is therefore what a two-third version would be expected to have, yet Hamilton label that a California, and this, with seven boxes, a Yankee. In fact, the case is almost the same as the earlier Two Third Italic of Barnhart Bros & Spindler (1893), apart from one less small box in the bottom row. The case lay is Two Third California. Note that most suppliers call a Two Third California case the style with 8+8 boxes in the top row, presumably because it was introduced by Palmer & Rey in California, rather than for its relationship to the full-size case.

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