Two Third Italic Job Case

ffifl5m4m'ke 12345678
jbcd isfgff9
? fi0
!lmnh oypw,enem
xvut3-em ar;:quads
q .-

This lay is shown in Gujarati Type Foundry: Type Book (1928) and Polk: The Practice of Printing (1964 revised edition). Gujarati omits ffl, but Polk has fl and ffl in the fl box, and just calls the case a Two Third. In 1923, ATF call it a Two Third Yankee, but the real Yankee case has more cap boxes (see below). Missouri-Central call it a Two Third California in 1959.

The empty case configuration is Two Third Italic. The case is almost the same as BBS 1890 case, except that they show an extra small box in the bottom left (ie the v box is split horizontally into two). Note also there are only 14 cap boxes in each row, whereas Two Third New York and Two Third Yankee have 16 cap boxes in each row.

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