Empty Two Third Yankee Job Case


This U.S. case is identical to the full-size Yankee Job case shown, for example, by BBS in 1893 and 1907 and ATF in 1906 and 1923. However, the dimensions are for Two Third, ie 21 3/4 x 16 5/8 inches, rather than full-size. The lay is the Two Third Yankee lay of the full-size case shown by Hamilton (1922) and ATF (1923).

Although this Two Third Yankee Job case follows directly from the full-size version, with 8+8 boxes in the top rows for caps, and although Hamilton state that the full-size Yankee is also available two-third size, most Catalogues and Specimen Books confusingly attach the Yankee name to a configuration with 7+7 boxes, which is unlike the full-size case. Unfortunately, Barnhart Bros & Spindler: Pony Specimen (1890s) does not illustrate a Two Third version, but for example American Type Founders: Specimen (1923) labels a Two Third California case as Two Third Yankee, alongside a Two Third Yankee labelled California. Hamilton Manufacturing Co: Catalog 15 (1922) and 16 (c.1932), Thompson Cabinet Co: Catalog 47 (c.1949), Kelsey: Printers Supply Book (1969) and American Printing Equipment & Supply Co (1987) all call the 8+8 configuration a Two Third California, and in 1998 the Black Rock Press at University of Nevada, Reno had these Thompson Cabinet Co. cases with Cal Job stamped on their sides. However, Missouri-Central Type Foundry: Price List (1959) shows the Two Third California with only 7+7 boxes.

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