Nederduitsche Bovenkas

ABCDEFG áéíóú*¦öü
HIKLMNO àèìòù§]!
ÉÈÊÉÈÊ Ç---«   ff    fl     ffl  ');-

This Dutch typelay is that shown by van Cleef: Handboek ter beoefening der boekdrukkunst in Nederland (1844) and also van der Veen: De Verbeterde Nederlandsche Letterkast (1852). It is fairly similar to Zweijgardt (1822) but makes more allowance for accented E, and omits the long s, for example. The companion lower lay is Onderkas. Note that ¦ represents a dagger and --- an em rule.

The empty case is Bovenkas. Note than unlike the UK/US Upper case, this case has only six rows of boxes. The construction is almost as Ronner (1915), apart from several extra divided boxes in the bottom two rows.

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