Stower Improved Fount Lower Case

   x      z      k       e         j       q        -   [)
bcd ifg &!
lmnh oyp.:
uts ar w,

This lay is given by Stower, The Printer's Grammar (1808), reprinted Gregg (1965), and by Johnson, Typographia (1824) and Hansard, Typographia (1825). It is intended for larger quantities of type (and has deeper boxes than a normal case). The ligatures (fi ff etc) being less often used were in small enough quantity to be stored in the normal Lower case. The spacing is stored in drawers. The lay (and case design) discard the boxes needed for long s characters that were shown by Smith (1755) in his Fount case, and thus x j k s w q and punctuation are re-arranged.

The empty case configuration is Stower Fount.

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ie with the boxes left blank
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