Upper Cases

All the cases listed below are distinguished by being divided into two bays. Whilst most of the cases are for storing upper case characters (majuscules), the same pattern of case is sometimes adopted for music, spacing, etc. The link on each line takes you to a descriptive page that shows the actual box layout, the various sources that illustrate the case, and usually a link to the appropriate layout of the type in the case. The dates shown are that of the first occurance so far encountered. The case may have existed earlier, and nearly always will have continued later. Thus that shown by Moxon in 1683 is still encountered in 2015.

Note that some other two bay cases are listed separately as Lower and Other.

The number of rows in a case is shown below as follows:
7   there are 7 rows
4 (or7)the basic construction is 4 rows, but in some of those rows a few boxes are sub-divided horizontally, making 7 rows overall
The number of boxes per row is shown as follows
7+77 boxes either side of a central partition. If the partition is offset to one side, this is stated (the effect being to make one set of boxes wider than the other)
7+147 boxes one side and 7 boxes subdivided vertically (thus 14 boxes) the other side of the central partition
5+5+5+55 boxes, partition, 5 boxes, partition, 5 boxes, partition, 5 boxes
(4or5)+(4or5)4 or sometimes 5 boxes either side of a central partition. That is, some of the 4 boxes are subdivided vertically
(7or4or5)+(3or1or2)+(8or7or6or5)7 boxes, a partition, 3 boxes, a partition, 8 boxes with some of the boxes twice or three times the width of the others

Empty CasesRowsBoxes per rowTotal boxes
9 rows in a case
Greek 1st & 2nd Upper Case (Fertel 1723) 96+6108
Gem Music Outer Case (Stevens 1930) 914+14226
8 rows in a case
Greek 2nd Lower Case (Fertel 1723) 86+698
Sindhi Lower Case (Sind 1999) 88+8117
Hieroglyphic 2nd Case (Legros & Grant 1916) 89+9144
Nagari Upper Case (Gujarati Type Foundry 1928) 88+8128
Chinese Case (Universal Type & Accessory Co. c.1983) 818+18288
Arabic Upper Case (St.Bride 2006, ex OUP 1980s) 8(14or8or7)+(14or9or11)186
7 rows in a case
Upper Case (Moxon 1683) 77+798
French Upper Case (Castillon 1783) 78+8112
Greek Upper Case (Stower 1808) 7(7or14)+14161
Proposed Upper Case (Johnson 1824) 7(12or14or7or9)+(14or7or9)142
Greek Upper Case (Johnson 1824) 7(7or14)+14161
Stanhope Upper Case (Johnson 1824) 77+(7or6)95
Belgian French Upper Case (Dumont 1894) 7(7or8)+(7or8or10or12)108
Music Upper Case (Southward 1898) 710+10139
Malayan Lower Case (Figgins/Stevens c1907) 78+873
French Upper Case (Muller c1910) 77+(7or13)104
News Cap Case (Henry 1917) 77+7
top 3 and bottom row boxes
are smaller than the middle 3 rows
Improved Upper Case (SB&Co 1922) 77+7
partition offset left
Greek Caps Case (ATF 1923) 77+14147
6 rows in a case
Superieure Vulgaires (Fertel 1723) 67+784
Spanish Caxa Alta (Sigüenza y Vera 1811) 68+896
Dutch Bovenkas No.1 (Zweijgardt 1822) 6(14or7or9)+(7or11or10or9)111
Dutch Bovenkas No.2 (Zweijgardt 1822) 6(14or7)+(7or11or10or9)107
Maori Upper Case (Colenso 1835) 66+672
Nederduitsche Bovenkas (van Cleef 1844) 6(14or7or9)+(7or11or9or8)108
Rooker Upper Case (Ringwalt 1871) 67+7
partition offset left
Klein Romein Boven Case (Plantin-Moretus Museum pre 1876) 6(14or7or8)+(7or14or12)111
Hoogen Tekst Romein Boven Case (Plantin-Moretus Museum pre 1876) 6(14or7or8)+(7or11or10or14or12)118
Laagen Tekst Romein Boven Case (Plantin-Moretus Museum pre 1876) 6(14or7)+(7or8or9or12or11)110
Middelbaar Canon Boven Case (Plantin-Moretus Museum pre 1876) 6(14or7)+(7or14or12)110
Script Upper Case (Lefèvre 1880) 65+560
Titling Case (M&R and Caslon 1897) 6(2or4)+(3or4or6)+(2or4)59
Music Lower Case (Southward 1898) 68+872
Improved Jobbing Upper Case (Southward 1900) 67or1446
Wells Two Fount (Job) Case (ATF 1900)6(10or9or7or6)+(10or9or7or6)
Top 2 rows and bottom
row smaller than middle 3
Dutch Upper Case (Ronner 1915) 6(14or7)+(7or11or9or8)105
Plantin Upper Case (Gaskell 1969) 6(14or7)+798
Italian Upper Case (viewed in Venice 1999) 6(14or7)+(7or10or8)103
5 rows in a case
Jobbing Upper Case (M&R 1897) 5(2or4)+(3or6)+(2or4)42
Arabic, Hindustani, Malayan, Persian Upper Case (Figgins/Stevens c1907) 57+770
Jobbing Upper Case (SB&Co 1922) 5(4or2)+(6or3)+(4or2)49
4 rows in a case
Fount Upper Case (Stower 1808) 4(4or5)+(4or5)36
Italian Upper Case (Pozzoli 1882) 4 (or7)8+876
Space & Quad Case (Palmer & Rey 1892) 48+848
Italian Upper Case (Lockwood 1894) 4 (or7)8+871
Improved Upper case (Ullmer 1902) 47+7
top 2 rows smaller
than bottom two rows
Cassa Alta (Enciclopedia Italiana 1937) 4(7or8)+(7or8)58
3 rows in a case
Kapitalen Boven Case (Plantin-Moretus Museum pre 1876) 3 (or4)6+433

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